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IGNITE proudly boasts a rock-solid track record of success in a range of global territories resulting in certainty and consistency for our clients.

The IGNITE international event portfolio includes successes in locations to include:

United Kingdom (Home) | Ireland | Spain | Germany | Italy | Holland | Australia | America | India Thailand | Singapore | Kuala Lumpur | Holland | Jamaica | St Lucia | Ghana

The kinds of events we have produced in these territories include:

Conferences | Product Launches | Weddings | Seminars | Congresses | Motivational Events

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Feedback From Our International Clients

"IGNITE has worked seamlessly with both local venues and local suppliers to ensure our world tour has been delivered with consistency and excellence. They have traveled with us and given us the confidence and certainty we need to know that everything will run perfectly"

A partnership with IGNITE International instills confidence in event organisers and presenters. Working with IGNITE reduces stress on the project team and alleviates the risk of technical breakdown. Our partnership with local suppliers eliminates potential cultural and language hurdles and most importantly gives your delegates the best possible event experience ensuring positive results and better ROI’s

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