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IGNITE support an increasing number of event producers and event companies with the offering of a complete white label service that allows you to focus on building relationships with your client whilst we provide backup, production and technical services that excite your clients and help build your brand. Simply put, you get to reap the rewards of our expert service, knowledge and execution without the responsibilities attached with running a full-scale operation like IGNITE.
Our offerings can be as basic or as vast as you desire. We offer services including equipment hire, technical support, storage, crew and transportation.
Our services vary from supplying the smallest of PA Systems, Plasma Screen, Lighting and Staging to larger and more elaborate installation of full line array sound systems, lighting rigs and led video displays. We’ve all heard the term ‘no job is too small or too large’ this is very true in this context.

The Vast Advantages of Choosing IGNITE As Your Production Partner


ISO 9001 Quality Assurance

Certainty in knowing that you are dealing with an ISO9001 accredited company that has elegant and up to date management processes in place to assure your event is being managed, prepared for and delivered in the right manner.

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ISO 14001 Environmentally Concious

Some of your clients may seek that you work under ISO14001 practices and you can now say YES! This is something we do with both pride and care toward our planet and now you can reap the rewards for this.


Cutting Edge Technology

Up to date and well-researched equipment that will keep your clients delighted. We do not cut corners. With a considerable investment in the highest end yet appropriate equipment to service your needs and those of your clients all to maintain confident and happy clients.

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Support technicians and engineers who are addicted to finding solutions and thrive on challenge. We have the best talent in the industry.


Honouring Promises

Speed and efficiency. Whilst you work on creating and growing fruitful relations with your clients, we will be hard at work to assure your promises are met with precision-engineered brilliance.

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Transparency and honesty. There haven’t been many cases where we can’t deal on a client’s request, however in the unlikely event that we feel we can’t do something brilliantly we will say so and not take on the commitment. 


A Can Do Attitude

Sanity. Being in this business, you probably know what it’s like dealing with moody and arrogant self-proclaimed no-it-all’s who just end up making life harder. We do the opposite! Yes, we are positive thinking experts who look for ways to achieve the outcome rather than excuses for why things can't be done. We will always treat you and your company and brand with the respect and diligence you rightly deserve. 

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A cost effective approach that eliminates the jargon that is in most cases a costly heap of confusion. How many times have you received a proposal from a supplier only to find that it is filled with line items that you simply don't need yet you are being charged for. With IGNITE you can rest assured that we will only ever recommend, speficy and quote you for what you actually need for the outcome at hand. 


Speed of Delivery

An increase in speed to delivering more comprehensive proposals to your clients which will positively impact your sales conversions. We understand that the speed of getting proposals and supporting documentation to your clients can be imperative. We will always work with you to meet your dealines whilst ensuring we don't rush things to the detriment of errors and mistakes. 

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Achieving Your Goals

More certainty for you're in working with an expert team that understands the your needs and those of your client and who consequently design and deliver events according to your requirements, regulations and policies.


SONIA ABRAMS, Hilton Waldorf Astoria

I have worked in the special events industry for many years now and am currently at the prestigious London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel and have had the pleasure of working with IGNITE. Their professionalism, attention to detail and communication has been outstanding. They have worked with our venue most efficiently and have tended to our every need without challenge and have always been easy to communicate with and have a very polite and friendly attitude. What they have created for our clients was a stunning high end production. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.



We just finished our quarterly Franchise Partner Workshop for which we used IGNITE for the first time. We have done our previous events using our own PA system, however having the IGNITE team on board took our seminars and workshops to a totally different level. The whole team and franchise partners were extremely impressed the AV provided. The IGNITE team were professional, well presented, punctual and were flexible and equipped to accommodate our changing needs, when our requirements changed last minute. I confidently recommend them and look forward to using them for our future events.

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Three Decades Of Excellence in Event Production

IGNITE's distinctive and intuitive approach to delivering excellence is unsurpassed. Working within the parameters of our highly respected ISO9001 quality management systems means you can enjoy the benefits and certainty in knowing that you are dealing with leading experts in the delivery of sound, lighting, staging, video displays, scenery and technical provisions for live, virtual and hybrid events.

Having IGNITE overseeing the technical aspects of your event makes a significant difference to the quality of your events. No matter where in the world your events may be taking place, we can supply and deliver a fully comprehensive production service or can work hand in hand with the venue and locally sourced suppliers and operators to assure you consistency and instil confidence so that you can deal with your other duties.

The feedback on our exceptional level of service and production has been positive right from the start, leaving us to focus on our continuous development to ensure your events can improve year on year. Our teams of expert technicians and highly experienced project managers have worked on events of all sizes and types giving you the confidence you need in knowing you are in experienced and trusted hands.

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